Elepath, Inc.

2012-2016 (RIP)

Elepath was a product studio founded by Jake Lodwick. We started in SF, then moved to Brooklyn.

We hired software makers and gave them unprecedented creative freedom inside a ruthless Darwinian system.

The result was a lot of fun little products, a spin-off, and, finally, a doubling-down on our most promising project, Keezy.

We also wrote & published some articles on Medium.

Here's a partial list of our products:

Name Idea Status
Keezy Easy music software New company
Exposure Photography publishing Spun off
Thinglist Fun, personal list Sold
Stellar Cosmic Tumblr theme Taylor Swift uses it
Elevision "Short films worth owning" R.I.P.
Moonbase HTML5 animation toolkit R.I.P.
Squetch "Dribbble for animation" R.I.P.
Debris Zany realtime chat R.I.P.